Man, this little family had me smiling so big throughout our whole venture! What's even better, is that they came back to my In-Laws farm and played with some cows!

We started out at a sweet little Garden in the middle of town. Their cute little babe ran around and played in the sunshine all while I chased after him to grab those perfect candids. After awhile of running and chasing and snagging rocks from a tiny mouth, we ended our session. BUT not without plans to further our adventure together!

Colin and Laurel had mentioned wanting to find some animals for their Little to go see while they were on Island. Being from a more congested area, they aren't able to escape to a farm enough to him to see anything. So I invited them to our farm to meet a brand new calf that my Mother-In-Law had just got.

Basically... if you come do a session with me, there is a high probability you see farm animals and my own children running around like crazy. You can't beat an offer like that, right? *insert awkward wink*.