WHOA. Quarantine has been a ride with two littles. We have pretty much stuck home other than the minor errands and trips to the mainland (considered a necessary outing when you live in the middle of the ocean). Business has been slow due to the quarantine also which is always a bummer but better safe than sorry! Photographers are not considered essential (while I agree mostly with this statement, the emotions of 2020 have been best portrayed though photographs), so business was at a bit of a stand still for a moment. BUT we took advantage at home for sure! Check it out below.

LIKE HI. WHAT. Look at how cute they are. My sweet little fam definitely has kept my spirits up on what have been some of the darkest days during this past year. What a crazy life we are all adjusting to now, a lot of quarantine / COVID books are going to come out soon - I can feel it.