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I am a major homebody, but I also love getting out every once in awhile for a sweet little adventure with friends and fam.  When I had my daughter - our oldest - I decided I wanted to get back in with a camera. As a little girl, I spent a lot of time toddling around with my dad's old Canon, now I wield my own and its been the best decision.

I love the art that wedding and couple photography brings in to my life. But what really feeds my soul is the human interaction. I love going out and spending time with others, watching and learning about their life, love, and happiness. Then I like to photograph it in all of its glory. 

So when you book with me, your not just getting the fancy camera, all the editing and all the helpful guides to simply being photographed (although those things are nice), You are really getting someone who wants to capture the moment before you plant the kiss, or the sweet look he gives you when he thinks your not looking.

These are the moments that drive me, and if they drive you too, well then, I can't wait to meet you!

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